"Even by wizards' standards, Trymon's a nasty piece of work."
Rincewind on Trymon.[src]

Chancellor Ymper Trymon was a wizard who belonged to the Ancient and Truly Original Brothers of the Silver Star. Working his way to the top by assassinating his colleagues[2], Trymon became second-in-command of his order, answering only to Galder Weatherwax, Chancellor of the Unseen University[1].

After learning of the Octavo and the power of its spells, Trymon attempted to kill Weatherwax several times, but failed. However, after Greyhald Spold died, Trymon became Weatherwax's second. Once the Luggage ate the Chancellor, Trymon took control of the University and hunted down Rincewind, who possessed the final spell. However, Rincewind and Twoflower managed to stop and kill Trymon, but not before he killed the seven remaining Heads of the Orders of Wizardry.


Notes and referencesEdit

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