Wizard: "Rincewind! We've got you surrounded! Come with us to see [Chancellor] Trymon and everything will be all right. You have his word. Now we can do this the easy way, or we can do this the very easy way!"
Rincewind: "What's the easy way?"
Wizard: "You come out not covered in burning leaf mould."
Rincewind: "What's the very easy way?"
Wizard: "We set fire to the sacrificial pyre. With you in it."
— The wizard acting on Trymon's wishes.[src]

This unidentified wizard worked for an unknown order which sent a group of wizards, of which he was the leader, to search for Rincewind. Despite being with several other wizards, he failed in his task[1].

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Wizard leader spell

The wizard casting a spell.

  • Spell casting: This wizard appeared to be adept at spells, effortlessly firing a projectile of pink light at Rincewind, apparently trying to subdue him so that he and his group could transport him back to the Unseen University. However, the spell instead hit Twoflower, who jumped in the way. The spell rendered him, what Rincewind referred to as, "informally dead", having to visit a necromancer in order to bring his soul back from Death's Domain.

Behind the scenesEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

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