Tolliver Groat was an employee at the Ankh-Morpork Post Office. He was promoted to Senior Postman when Moist von Lipwig was postmaster.


Tolliver Groat was originally Junior Postman Groat. He had Stanley Howler as an assistant. When Moist von Lipwig was made Postmaster General and reopened the Post Office. He was made Senior Postman. He eventually rose to Deputy Postmaster. He worked out the route from Ankh-Morpork to Uberwald, by post office cart. When Moist von Lipwig was made Manager of the Mint, he was promoted to Postmaster.


Groat had titles, such as:

  • Junior Postman (due to no one being able to promote him)
  • Senior Postman (when Moist von Lipwig was made Postmaster)
  • Deputy Postmaster
  • Postmaster (when Moist von Lipwig was made Manager of the Mint)


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