Thud is a Discworld game that symbolically re-enacts the (a) Battle of Koom Valley on an _-square by _-square octagonal playing board. The game has been referenced several times, most notable in the novel Thud! where the game acts as a pivotal plot device in the story.

Layout The board is an octagon _squares across, with the "Thudstone," an immobile stone blocking the center square, with the squares in an alternating pattern similar to a chessboard. The pieces include 32 dwarf pieces and 8 troll pieces. The Trolls are placed around the Thudstone (one troll to each adjacent square), and the dwarfs are placed on the diagonal edge squares.

Gameplay Trolls: The trolls can move one square in any direction, similar to the king in chess. They also have the ability to shove a troll when aligned, one square for each troll in the line(?). Any dwarfs in an adjacent square to the one that the troll lands on (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) may be captured or destroyed. In the book, the Trolls are usually the side beginners are best at playing as. Dwarfs: The dwarfs can move any number of squares in any direction, similar to the queen in chess. They also have the ability to hurl a dwarf when aligned, (?) square(s?) for each dwarf in the line. If a troll is hit, it is destroyed. In the book, the dwarfs are usually the side best suited for more experienced players. Take note that the most advanced players can play as either Dwarfs or Trolls interchangeably, with no noticeable decrease in skill from one side to the other.

Scoring Each remaining troll on the board is worth 4 points, each remaining dwarf is worth 1 point. The number of points are compared and the difference goes to the player who had the higher point value. Two games are always played in a row, with the players switching sides in the second game. Whoever totals the most points between the two scenarios wins the match.

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