The Shepherd's Crown

Terry Pratchett

Cover artist

Paul Kidby

Publication information

Random House

Release date

27 August 2015

Media type







Tiffany Aching

Preceded by

Raising Steam

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The Shepherd's Crown is the final Discworld novel following Sir Terry Pratchett's death.


Granny Weatherwax, one of the most powerful witches in the Discworld, has passed away, leaving everything to her apprentice Tiffany Aching. Stretching herself thin taking care of the Chalk and Granny's old steading, she hires Geoffrey, the third son of Lord Swivel who is a pacifist and wishes to become a witch.

Peaseblossom, lord of the elves, sense that Granny's passing has weakened the barrier between the worlds and removed an obstacle. They prepare for a fresh invasion through the circles.

Nightshade, the former queen of the elves, is ejected through the stone circle at the Chalk, her wings torn. She is held captive by the Nac Mac Feegle until Tiffany arrives and takes her in at the family farm. Tiffany's father gives her a shepherd's crown and Tiffany attempts to teach Nightshade how to be human.

The people of Lancre and the Chalk prepare for the invasion, Geoffrey marshalling the men and trying to gain the aid of the Elf King by building him a shed while Tiffany gathers the witches. When the elves break through the stone circles, Geoffrey, the men and assembled witches defeat them at the Lancre stone circle, while Miss Tick, Letitia, Tiffany, the Nac Mac Feegle and Nightshade meet them at the Chalk circle. Nightshade is slain by Peaseblossom and the elves gain the upper hand until Tiffany utilises the Shepherd's Crown, commanding the power of Thunder and Lightning and summoning the Elf King, who kills Peaseblossom. Defeated, the elves are banished again.

Tiffany decides to dedicate herself to the Chalk, leaving Geoffrey to manage Granny Weatherwax's old steading.


The book received positive reviews, with the Telegraph and Den of Geek awarding it 5/5 while the Guardian said "This is not a perfect example of Pratchett’s genius, but it is a moving one." In the first 3 days of release, it sold 52,846 copies, more than double Jeffrey Archer's Mightier than the Sword which was the second best selling book that week. It topped the chart the second week with 27,386 copies sold, generating £318,576 in revenue.


Rhianna Pratchett, Sir Terry's daughter, finished writing The Shepherd's Crown following her father's passing. She stated that she would not be continuing the series, nor would she permit anybody else to continue her father's legacy, calling it "sacred" to him.


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