Reacher Gilt is a con man that lives in Ankh-Morpork. He is described as looking like a pirate, complete with beard, fake leg, eyepatch and a cockatoo parrot. He is reckoned by Moist von Lipwig to be one of the greatest con artists to live, greater than even himself.

He is a great people person, capable of using words to manipulate people into doing as he wishes. However, he is not beyond cruelty when it suits his purposes, using the law to steal property and even having those who inconvenience him killed.

His most well known heist was seizing the Grand Trunk Company of clacks from the Dearheart family. Concerned only with making money, he started mismanaging the clacks, running them to the point of breaking, removing the dedicated maintenance period, sacking staff and making them dangerous to work on. This led to clacks breaking down on a regular basis, staff frequently dying on the job (1 death per 3 clacks towards the end) and a rise in prices for poorer quality.

In Going Postal, Lord Vetinari placed the Ankh-Morpork Post Office under the supervision of Moist von Lipwig to act as a competitor to the Grand Trunk Company and to investigate why previous postmasters keep dying.

After his crimes were broadcast over omniscope, Reacher Gilt fled Ankh-Morpork. The scandal that emerged of his financial arrangements made many very wealthy people want him dead. He was captured by Havelock Vetinari and offered a chance at freedom: run the Royal Mint or walk away, the same offer that Vetinari had offered Moist von Lipwig. Reacher chose to walk away, falling to his death.

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