Pseudopolis was a city. It suffered a plague at some point in its history.


The Pseudopolis PlagueEdit

Pseudopolis suffered a plague. Scrofula was sent to take away Rincewind's soul while Death was attending to the plague.

Establishment of Brazeneck CollegeEdit

Brazeneck College was set up. The Dean and Adrian Turnipseed where sent to Brazeneck where the Dean became Archchancellor and Pex was made.


Brazeneck CollegeEdit

Brazeneck College was a school seeking rivalry to Unseen University. The school had Pex (another version of Hex). Other locations in Brazeneck College include:

  • The Higher Energy Magic Building.

Eric Thursley's homeEdit

Eric lived at 13 Midden Lane.

Extra InformationEdit

  • The name Pseudopolis means "fictitious city"



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