Mr Gryle is a feral banshee under the employment of Reacher Gilt. He is a ruthless killer who is capable of covering his tracks.

In Going Postal, Mr Gryle is hired to clear up loose ends and competition by Reacher Gilt. He is first hired to take out a banker who Reacher believes is at breaking point. The carnage that Mr Gryle wreaks on the banker is enough to confuse the City Watch's attempts to solve the murder, rendering their werewolf incapable of following his tracks. He is next hired to destroy the Ankh-Morpork Post Office and assassinate the Postmaster Moist von Lipwig. However, he is only given a description and he attempts to assassinate Acting Postmaster Tolliver Groat instead after setting fire to the Post Office. Stanley Howler foils his attempt to finish the job by smacking his face with a bag of pins. He retreats and waits as Postmaster Moist von Lipwig returns to the Post Office to save what he can. The two battle in the Sorting Room, Moist stabbing Mr Gryle but missing both his hearts. Mr Gryle starts his scream to kill, but Moist, having been raised in Uberwald, uses that to his advantage, shoving Mr Gryle into the Sorting Machine designed by Bloody Stupid Johnson and causing the banshee to be scattered across space.

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