Jiglad Wert : And the star. People are noticing, you know.
Panter : Yes, they say we should be doing something. What, I should like to know.
Jiglad Wert : Oh, that's easy. They say we should read the Octavo. That's what they always say. Crops bad? Read the Octavo. Cows ill? Read the Octavo. The Spells will make everything all right.
Ymper Trymon : There might be something in that. My, er, later predeccessor made quite a study of the Octavo.
Panter : We all have, but what's the use? The Eight Spells have to work together. Oh, I agree, if all else fails maybe we should risk it, but the Eight have to be said together or not at all - and one of them is inside this Rincewind's head.
— Panter speaking with Jiglad Wert and Ymper Trymon.[src]

Lumuel Panter (died Hogswatchnight, 1964[1]) was an Eighth-Level wizard, Lecturer in Basic Scrying and Summoning, and head of the Brothers of the Order of Midnight. He made "quite a study" of the Octavo in his time[2].

When Jiglad Wert mentioned to Ymper Trymon that they should discuss the matter of the star, Panter said that the populace of Ankh-Morpork always wanted them to read the Octavo whenever something bad happened. However, he agreed that they should read it if it was their only option[2]. He attempted to find Rincewind to reclaim one of the Spells using some form of magic, which failed[3].

Panter was later killed by Chancellor Trymon, as were the other Heads of the Orders of Wizardry, on the Hogswatchnight of 1964[1].

Behind the scenesEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

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