Jiglad: "What happened to old Galder's chair, the one with the lion arms and the chicken feet?"
Trymon: "That? Oh, I had it burnt."
Jiglad: "Burnt? But it was a priceless magical artifact, a genuine–"
Trymon: "Just a piece of junk, I'm afraid. I'm sure real wizards don't really need that sort of thing. Now, if I may draw your attention to the business of the day–"
Jiglad: "What's this paper?"
Trymon: "It's an agenda, Jiglad."
Jiglad: "And what does a gender do?"
Trymon: "It's just a list of the things we've got to discuss. It's very simple, I'm sorry if you feel that-"
Jiglad: "We've never needed one before!"
Trymon: "I think perhaps you have needed one, you just haven't used one."
Jiglad: "Well, all right."

— Wert and Ymper Trymon.[src]

Jiglad Wert (died Hogswatchnight, 1964) was a wizard and head of the Brotherhood of the Hoodwink. He lived in his own tower at the Unseen University.

He questioned Ymper Trymon about the chair, previously belonging to the late Galder Weatherwax, that he burnt. Trymon later killed him and the other Heads of the Orders of Wizardry atop the Tower of Art.

Behind the scenesEdit

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