Jeremy Clockson is one of the children of Wen the Eternally Surprised and Time. He was unknowingly one of the main antagonists of Thief of Time until he fused with his brother Lobsang Ludd to become Time.


The son of Wen the Eternally Surprised and Time, Newgate was delivered by Nanny Ogg and left on the doorstep of the guild of clockmakers, while his brother Lobsang was left with the thieves' guild. He was raised as a clockmaker, and was seen as a prodigy, though he was mentally unstable and required medication. He was hired by the Auditors to create a glass clock to freeze time and create the ultimate order in the universe.

He was injured in the completion of the glass clock, and saved by Myria LeJean.

Jeremy later fused with his brother to become Time, but wasn't the dominant personality.


  • talented clockmaker
  • presumed time slicing ability (as his brother could do so)


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