Golems are creatures made of clay, brought to life by religious and/or magical words and controlled by tablets or scrolls (or, in at least one instance, a receipt of purchase) placed in their head cavities.

Previous to the events of Feet of Clay, all known golems were automatons, required to do as their owners ordered, similarly to the golems of mythology and folklore. Since then, the golems have had an expanded place in the Discworld mythos, including but not necessarily limited to:
-The (Golem Trust?) run by Ms. Dearheart [see Going Postal]
-self ownership (the receipt of purchase used to replace the scroll in Dorfl's head)
-Consenting ownership or employment by the cities (Constable Dorfl of the AMCW)
Many golems simply continue what manual labour they have been ordered, or work as freelance hired help in construction, demolition, digging, etc. (as opposed to trolls, who are more commonly hired muscle, such as splatters[1], bodyguards, etc.) The four thousand golems (mistranslated from an ancient language as four gold golems) acquired by the Golem Trust in Making Money have mostly been buried outside the city limits of Ankh-Morpork, as a self-guarding alternative to the gold standard.

Notable golems include: Constable Dorfl (Constable title in the AMCW) Gladys (a "female" golem, assistant to Moist von Lipvig, Postmaster of Ankh-Morpork

  1. *Like a bouncer, but harder (The Colour of Magic?)

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