Goldeneyes Silverhand Dactylos was a master craftsman, noted for the creation of the Golem Metal Warriors that guarded the Tomb of Pitchiu, designing the Light Dams of the Great Nef, built the Palace of the Seven Deserts, and the Potent Voyager in Krull.

After creating the Metal Warriors, Pitchiu paid him in gold, then had Dactylos' eyes removed so that he would never create another work for a rival. Dactylos learned to overcome his disability, and built himself a set of golden eyes to replace those that had been taken. Next, after creating the Palace of the Seven Deserts, the Emir gave Dactylos silver, then cut off his hand. Dactylos built himself a silver hand with some of his payment. After creating the Light Dams the tribal councils of the Nef gave Dactylos silk, then hamstrung him to stop him escaping. Dactylos built a flying machine and escaped anyway, arriving in Krull where he built the Potent Voyager. After completing his task, he was killed by Arch-Astronomer.


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