Eskarina Smith, born in Bad Ass in the Ramtops, was the eighth child of an eighth child and the first female wizard in Equal Rites. She was the eighth child of an eighth child, and as such she was born with great magical power, and Drum Billet left his staff to her, thinking she would be a male and a wizard.

When she was a child, she showed great magical potential, turning her brothers into animals and defeating a pack of wild wolves. She was trained as Granny Weatherwax's first student and became a witch. However, she was unsatisfied with just being a witch and her magical powers became troublesome, and later travelled to Unseen University to become a wizard. There she met a young wizard Simon, whose talents unintentionally open portals to the Dungeon Dimensions, through which the Things attempt to enter. Eskarina defeated the Things and upon returning studied with Simon, gaining an immense and intricate understanding of the workings of time and space.

Later in life, she settled down in the Unreal Estate and returned to being a witch, and began going by Miss Smith. There she helped Tiffany Aching evade the Cunning Man and taught her about his history, which she has managed to view by using the instability of the Unreal Estate and her understanding of space and time to travel back and witness his past firsthand.

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