The Discworld's calendar differs from Earth's one.


  • Ick
  • Offle
  • February
  • March
  • June


The Discworld's days of the week are:

Sunday, Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday, Friday Saturday and Octeday.

The Discworld has eight days in a single week.


Spring Prime

Autumn Prime

Winter Secundus (also known as the Spindlewinter)

Secundus Spring

Summer Two

Backspindlewinter (the reverse of Spindlewinter)


The Discworld's festivals include:

Crueltide Edit

Soul Cake TuesdayEdit

The Discworld's equivalant of Halloween.


The Discworld's version of Roundworld's Christmas. The night of Hogswatch is also known as Hogswatchnight. On Hogswatchnight, children are visited by the Hogfather (the Discworld's version of Father Christmas or Santa Claus). The day after Hogswatchnight is the first day of the month of Ick. Hogswatchnight is mentioned in The Colour of Magic as Hogs'Watch Night.

Small God's EveEdit

A festival celebrating the small gods.


Notable centuries include:


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