Cheery Littlebottom is a dwarf member of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch, introduced in Feet of Clay. Cheery is the Watch's resident Alchemist, expelled from the Guild for blowing up not just the building but the Guild council as well.

Cheery's father was Jolly Littlebottom, and her grandfather was Beaky Littlebottom. The Commander of the Watch, Sam Vimes, hires Cheery in Feet of Clay as a one-dwarf forensics team, and her expertise is invaluable in uncovering the plot by Dragon King of Arms and Arthur Carry to poison Lord Vetinari.

Cheery is somewhat atypical for a dwarf. She hates beer and dislikes being an axe-wielding homocidal maniac; she also hates gold. When first introduced, she is referred to as male because, for dwarfs, gender is not really important. Like all dwarfs, of both genders, Cheery has a thick beard, boots and iron helmet. Her femininity is a close secret - only Angua, with her nose, is able to tell Cheery's true sex. Once outed, Cheery embraced her gender and began adapting to the more forward-looking gender attitude in Ankh-Morpork. Throughout Feet of Clay she begins wearing make up and high-heels (welded on), slightly worrying Vimes and Carrot. She also elects to change her name to 'Cheri'. Like many others, Cheery had a strong hatred of werewolves on the belief that a werewolf ate one of her relatives and wears silver chainmail, which upsets Angua. When Angua rescues her and is forced to reveal her wolfish nature in the process, Cheery states that her relative being eaten by a werewolf was likely apocryphal.

In subsequent appearances, Cheery has reverted back to her original name, though pronounces it 'Cheri'. She formed part of the expedition to Klatch in Jingo, and accompanied Vimes to Uberwald in The Fifth Elephant, where her open femininity caused some comment among the conservative dwarfs there. Her last appearance was in Thud!.


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