• Thehelper1

    Abandoned Wiki?

    October 18, 2016 by Thehelper1

    This wiki looks abandoned, so I'll work at fixing and upgrading it to be more presentable with more efficient information.

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  • Lucynickbakura

    I'm still active

    March 22, 2016 by Lucynickbakura

    Hey guys, just to say i'm still active. Of course, it doesn't matter, but it feels good to let others know.

    I just switched from many small edits to not-so-regular large edits. Since i wanted to rewrite some articles, i found it more suitable if i create whole text first and then make an edit.

    Well, see you soon again!

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  • Pelagius the Geek

    Errr... Hello? Hi. This is my first blog. I came across this wki and made a few edits, fixing redlinks and stuff. When I came back a few days later and saw my edits still on the recent edits, I realised this was  quite an empty wiki. The last edit by an admin was 21st July, 2014, by GummyGolem. I put up this request for adoption (gaining admin rights and stuff) and was told that since there are a few active editors, I had to gain support from the community (you!), so, here I am, trying to gain support. Not sure what happens when I have support - perhaps we all get  rights or something, I dunno. Basically, if you want actual active (at least slightly) admins, be all like 'I think we should adopt this wiki' or something at the bottom.


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  • Eiren

    Terry Pratchett

    July 21, 2011 by Eiren

    Discworld is a world and a mirror of worlds, a world somewhere that appears to be a little bit here, and there and yet strangely familiar. Sir Terry Pratchett, acclaimed author of the Discworld series, has an untameable imagination that draws you into a befuddled universe full of riddles, action and adventure. The Disc is a world full of mystical yet chaotic cultures and communities which often mimics those of our own world.

    There are 39 books in the series, but no particular order in which to read them. These books are made for enjoyment and escapism with a few philosophical conundrums thrown in for good measure. While each of the books is a separate adventure, there are many characters that make appearances throughout the series; allowing…

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