Adrian Turnipseed is a wizard professor at Brazeneck College.

He was originally part of the research group working at the High Energy Magic Building under Ponder Stibbons and helped to develop the Hex. He earned the nickname 'Big Mad Drongo' by drinking a whole pint of shandy. Mustrum Ridcully was rendered speechless on hearing this and no doubt wished he'd never asked the question.

By the time of Unseen Academicals he has moved to Brazeneck College and been given a post as Professor. He is credited with developing Pex, Brazeneck's answer to UU's Hex, which, instead of using ants, uses chickens. A blit effect near the end of the book causes one of the chickens to increase in size by an alarming amount, rampage through the city, and lay multiple eggs of, suffice to say, a much larger than normal size.

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