Adora Belle Dearheart was the fiancée of Moist von Lipwig, daughter of Robert Dearheart and brother to the deceased John Dearheart.


Adora was cynical, angry and used a crossbow. She also smoked heavily. Moist von Lipwig was in love with her and one time, she was angry with him but grew to like him, leading to their engagement. She was head of the Golem Trust. Adora seems not to be amused if anyone tries to combine her forenames (Adora + Belle) to create an adjective -> "adorable" and gives Moist a fair warning about it. Pretending to be a respectable person she secretly supports an underground resistance  team of software hackers who call themselves "smoking gnu" and helps to sabotage the "telegrafic" transceivers.


Adora met Moist von Lipwig in the main room of the Golem Trust. She was carrying a crossbow. Moist eventually fell in love with her and helped her return Clacks to the Dearheart family. She later started working with the Golem Trust to find golems from the ancient civilisations. She was also engaged to Moist von Lipwig.

Appearances Edit

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