Dr. A. A. Dinwiddie, D.M.(7th), D.Thau., B.Occ., M.Coll., was a Seventh-Level wizard who was employed at the Unseen University as Bursar, succeeding the deceased Mr. Spelter.

He expected to spend the rest of his life quietly adding up rows of figures. Unfortunately, shortly after he became the Bursar, Mustrum Ridcully was appointed Archchancellor. The brashness of Ridcully's personality wore away at the Bursar, and Dr. Dinwiddie became almost completely insane.


Early lifeEdit

A. A. Dinwiddie was born at an unknown time, presumably in the 20th century. Likely attending the Unseen University, he grew up to become a Seventh-Level wizard.

Dinwiddie achieved a doctorate at some point, as well as the academic degrees of D.Thau., B.Occ., and M.Coll..

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